This is a general guideline to the process. This may vary due to conditions unique to every project.

  1. Initial conversation to discuss project, current stage of design and our proposed scope of involvement.

  2. Preliminary consultation if required.

  3. If available and pertinent to the project, client to provide a copy of the proposed floor plans. It is very advantageous to include plans showing furnishings and art layout.

  4. After reviewing the plans we will provide a design cost estimate. Depending on the clients design development stage and current documentation, the more efficiently we can estimate this cost.

  5. Consultation with client, architect or interior designer may be required at this point. This may include our creating preliminary schemes, sketches and plans.

  6. After cost estimate for design is agreed upon we will proceed with any additional meetings required, including code interpretations from the local building authority.

  7. Begin design and development of the plan.

  8. Coordinate with interior designer, architect, builder, electrician and other craftsman throughout the project. Update plans during process to reflect changes required for architectural, Interior design or mechanical requirements or changes.

  9. Coordinate with client, architect, and landscape architect to develop an exterior lighting plan. Lighting plan will consider mature growth of landscape and maintenance factors.

  10. Assist electrical contractor with final focusing of lighting and control programming after furnishings and art is installed.

  11. Complete programming of dimming and control devices. Adjust lighting scenes to client’s personal lifestyle.

  12. Final walk through of project with client.