About Laurence Kolb

Laurence Kolb is a California native who grew up in Los Angeles and was involved with the arts at a very young age. While still crawling he got his start by pushing a hair pin into a live socket. As time went on he would occasionally assist his father during the summer as an electrician's helper. Laurence recalls a day when he was about 14 years old working at the Beach Boys' father's house (Murray Wilson) who was adding on a large music room to his home. Mr. Wilson gave him five dollars to wash his T-BIRD and then he threw in some new record albums of the Beach Boys. Many other memorable moments were recalled while he was serving his apprenticeship, times from the end of an era, like working at Sammy Davis Juniors and Dean Martin's home.

Laurence became one of the youngest electrical contractors in the state of California in 1974. He has been licensed and in good standing ever since. He also holds a general contractor's license, however has never practiced the trade as a business. His love of architecture and furnishings had attracted him to do some major additions and renovations to homes he, his wife and children lived in and loved throughout California. Laurence has had the benefit of working with some of the finest interior designers in the industry. Having this unique background and foundation of over 30 years of hands on installation experience, gives him an insight into the practical building design aspects of lighting and electrical installation that other lighting consultants do not have.

A creative lighting artist with passion for getting it right and attention to detail makes for an unmatchable result for the very discriminating client. Laurence calls home both northern and southern California and has established deep personal and business relationships in both areas. While his roots are in California, projects in other areas are always enjoyed and looked forward to.